Meet the Family

The final and cutest install of the “Meet the Family” series are the pets. Caleb and I have two dogs and two cats. They are for sure part of the family and they each have their own “unique” quirks and tricks.

The first fur child is Emma. Emma is a Boxer and Staffordshire Terrier mix, we got her when she was about a year old from the Rogers Humane Society in Rogers, Ar. We got Emma the same weekend we moved into our new house on 880 Primrose. While I would of liked to at least unpack before we got a dog Caleb had other plans. Calen and I agreed to take a break from unpacking the house to go and look at Emma in Rogers, but Caleb decided she needed to come home right then, and so she did. He went as far to pull the “my dad is a vet card” so that we could bypass the 24 hr waiting period and scheduled vet appointment. Emma has +always been a little crazy, but she is a sweet girl.

Emma LOVES playing with her rope toys, going for walks, truck rides, swimming, and just loafing around. Even though she is almost 6 years old now, she still has tons of energy and loves being active. There have been times where I just think the word walk, and she is bouncing around between me and front door ready to go. It’s fun having an active dog who likes adventures, but all that energy can also lead to her getting into some trouble.

When she is trying her best to convince you she has been good all day.
She is either bringing you a rope toy to play with, chewing on one, or in this case napping with one.
Emma thinks she has to be as close to the driver as possible. She loves looking out the front of the truck on rides.

Sundae, also known as Sundae Sassypants, Queen Sundae, and Senorita Sassy, like for real this cat is the smallest of our animals and the sassiest. We got Sundae from my grandma’s house, Sundae and her siblings were strays that ended up there. Sundae is for sure the Alpha of the pets. She has quite the personality and is full of drama. Multiple times she has fained passing out in front of us if we don’t make it home in time to feed her dinner. Sundae also voices her displeasure with me if I come home from a late night ball game by greeting me from atop our dryer as I come home with a scolding. While she is sassy she does loves getting brushed, snuggling under the covers at night, and she will play fetch with small objects like hair ties, toy mice, and bottle caps.

Sundae prefers to spend most of her time perched upon the back of the couch, on the mantle, or pretty much anyplace where she is above the dogs, mostly so she can keep on all that takes place in her domain.

Sundae seriously loves this poinsetta table runner, and it basically becomes her personal holiday accessory during Christmas.

Did I mention Sundae, will also shamelessly stick her face in about any cup she can get to regardless of what is in it….cats.
The offical portrait of her majesty Sundae Sassypants Evans.

Our next pet is our second cat Spartacus, we got Spartacus in the summer of 2016, right as I was starting my Master’s degree. I found him on Progress Ave in front of Siloam Springs Regional Hospital, poor little guy was in the median crying. I had decided to go for a jog and needed a path that was well lit, so I deviated from my normal route. Went out for a jog and came back with a kitten. We weren’t sure if we were going to keep him at first, but Caleb came up with his name and he has been around ever since.

Spartacus is for sure the “middle child” pet. Spartacus has what I call “crazy kitty hour”, every day like clockwork between 10am and 11am, he runs all through the house like a crazed fiend, for no apperant reason. He will run up and pester the dogs, he will do ninja moves off of our furniture, and attack random objects. It sounds bizzare and it is, his most recent addition to crazy kitty hour is sprint from the front room to the laundry room and then hide ontop of the laundry room cabinets, where he will jump down and “attack” anything or anyone that walks by. I often times warn and apologize to people in advance about crazy kitty hour when they come to visit.

Spartacus also enjoys attacking marshmallows, not even kidding. There is nothing that can get between him and marshmallows, to the point that one time he got outside while we were making s’mores and attempted to run off with the entire bag in his mouth. I feel like we should of named him something not so aggressive like Snickerdoodle, or Ralph, he seems to feel as though he has to live up to the name Spartacus. When he isn’t running though the house, pestering the dogs, Sundae, or in genernal being a spaz he is really is very snuggly and loves tummy rubs. Our niece Natalie adores Spartacus and carries him around for hours, he just lays back and takes, he actually really likes it when she carries him around. He may be a rascal, but he is good when he needs to be.

If he could have it his way, he would have all the blankets piled up to lay on.
The very first night I brought him home, he wanted to sit on my sholder while I did homework.
Not much has changed since he has gotten older. He still likes to sit on my shoulder at random times.

Our newest, but not youngest pet is our dog Little Bear, we for sure did not intend to get anymore pets after 2 cats and a dog….but Little Bear needed a home. Our friend who lives in Conway, AR contacted us one weekend and said that a dog was dumped on her porch and that he needed a good home. As chance would have it Caleb and I were visiting friends at Greers Fairy Lake, about 45 minutes from Conway. Caleb told her we would think about it and let her know, truthfully I didn’t want another dog, Emma was enough for me, but I guess the Lord had other plans. So long story short we go to Conway, meet Little Bear and bring him home with us.

Little Bear, was not your normal dog, he really didn’t know how to be a dog. We suspect he was with an older individual, he is very docile, and just loves to snuggle. Little Bear is Australian Sheperd and Beagle, so he has some interesting personality traits. Either way he has come a long way from when we first got him. Little Bear has learned to play, loves going on walks with Emma, and also loves going anywhere and everywhere with you that he can go.

He has been a good addition to our clan, we may not of needed Little Bear, but Little Bear sure needed us. He has boneded well with Emma, and like any other younger sibling just wants to do what Emma does and go where Emma goes.

Little Bear, working the puppy eyes.
Looking so cute a fresh hair cut. This is also his face 99% of the time. He is always so happy.
LB’s selfie still needs some work.

We all hope you have enjoyed getting to know the family. Thanks for joining all of us on this journey through adoption!!!

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