The shortest long summer.

Where has the summer gone?? In four very short days I will be driving down to Hot Springs, where I will offically spend more time there then back in “home” in Siloam. Even though I technically had one of the longest summers of my working adult life, I feel like it has gone by in flash. I did the normal summer stuff. I went camping, I went to RRVHC as camp nurse, and I even managed to sneak in my annual roadtrip, but where did the summer go?

This summer is much different than what I was expecting, I was expecting a summer of moving into a new house in Hot Springs. Instead it’s just me and Sylvia (my car) making the trek south. It’s not what I expected, it’s for sure not what I wanted, but there is no way around it. We don’t think renting a house in Hot Springs is the right move for us, we would still have to pay a mortage and with 2 dogs and 2 cats there aren’t many people willing to rent regardless how good of a credit score we have, and it’s either rent a tiny tiny house or a lake house and neither really fit our needs. This summer I had more time off then any previous summer, but it still feels like it was shorter than most.

Most of days where spent hoping for a call of text saying that the house had a showing. Most days where spent trying to keep the house in tip top shape ready to be shown at a moments notice, but some days were and still are filled with “I don’t care about the house, why isn’t the house selling, and what are we going to do, did I make a mistake taking a new job”, and so on. Some days where filled with tears of anger towards the situation, frustration with each other and ourselves, and more conversations of “I don’t know and what should we do”, these are the days that felt like they would never end. These are the days where we wanted to throw in the towel, where all I wanted to do was go back to working for Todd and Siloam Springs School again, but I knew I couldn’t. First off they already hired a new person, actually I called her myself and asked her to take the job, so going back wasn’t an option. Not to mention I already signed a contract for the upcoming school year in March. I can’t go back, but it also feels like I can’t move forward. I am literally stuck in the past, it feels like we can’t make a permanet move till we sell the house and for whatever reason it won’t sell, we can’t even get an offer to be put in.

So as the longest short summer comes to a close, Caleb and I are preparing for the next, and hopefully, very short chapter of living 3.5 hours apart. We know there is a reason so the delay of the house selling, but it dosen’t make the next 6-8 weeks any easier. We have already agreed to a few things. The first being if the house recieves no offers by the end of the month we are going to take the house off the market do a few things to the inside and outside of the house that will hopefully make it more desireable to a buyer. Then re-list the house in March of 2020. During that time I will have to rent an apartment in Hot Springs and coming home when possible on weekends. Right now that is about as much as we know. The rests is all ” I don’t know”.

In closing we could really use prayers that the house will sell soon, we could also really use prayers of encouragement as I start a new job, move and try to settle into a new normal.

Thanks for being a part of our journey.


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