Hot Springs or Bust

Well, as of last Tuesday I am officially residing in Hot Springs, Ar, and started my first day as a Lakeside Ram just this past Thursday. While the move was uneventful, and my first few days at Lakeside have been a good introduction to the flow of a new district some things didn’t go so smoothly….like my packing abilities.

I really don’t know what on Earth I was doing when I trying to pack to come to Hot Springs. I know I was thinking that I didn’t need to bring everything, but that I needed to bring the essentials. Well here are a few of the essentials that I left in Siloam. Socks, like I didn’t pack a single pair of socks, conditioner, (I thought I packed shampoo but more on that later), body wash, bath scrubbie, make-up brushes, comb, and lets just end the list there cause you get the idea. It was a mess and a half to say the least. Aside from my awesome packing skills there is my ability to navigate a new city.

I didn’t realize how living in the far Northwest side of the state would program my brain to always have to go East to get anywhere. I knew that if I needed to go into town, or go really anywhere that wasn’t Oklahoma I had to go East, well living in the central part of the state provides more options….like East and West! I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to go to Central Ave in Hot Springs and gone East…it’s crazy how you don’t know you are conditioned to do something until you have multiple options like east and west. Lord have mercy, but on the bright side I am really getting to see a lot of Hot Springs. Aside from that I have learned where Kroger, Wal-Mart,Planet Fitness, Lakeside High School, and Muller’s Bakery (right beside Planet Fitness) are all located. So I can at least get to all the essential places. This Sunday I was even introduced to a pretty solid Mexican Restaurant on Malvern Ave, Don Juan’s. It’s no El Rancho, but it was pretty darn good.

There are still some challenges that Caleb and I are both trying to sort through and determine the best course of action. The biggest one is still with the house, we are having an open house on Sunday again. At this point we just aren’t sure what to do, I have been apartment hunting pretty hard this past week, but nothing seems to be open till Sept 1, the one that I thought was a go for me on Aug 1, feel through due the tenant changing their mind and renewing their old lease, but I am on the waiting list for what feels like every other apartment complex in Hot Springs if something changes and opens up. I am ready for my own new house in my new city, it’s hard to feel like I have “moved” when Caleb, Emma, Little Bear, Sundae, and Sparty are still in Siloam. So if you read this we really covet your prayers for direction and opportunities. It’s hard to pray and not ask for what I want, so I have been making a list of things I am thankful each day, and things I can pray about each day trying to change my mindset. It hasn’t been the easiest task, but I have a lot to be thankful each day!

Keep up with our journey as we navigate these waters of moving, living in two different cities, adopting, and hopefully soon some camping and hiking!

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