Transition and Leg Cramps

Transition is hard, I am currently in the what feels like the deep end of the transition swimming pool with a charlie horse. Using my one good leg and the ever trusty doggie paddle stroke I will eventually make it to the shallow end where I can at least touch the bottom. It isn’t pretty, picture the scenario I just described; it’s comical, painful and what feels like for a few moments life threatening. Who wouldn’t be laughing at someone in this position, most us have been on both ends of this situation. The good thing about a swimming pool is that there is usually a lifeguard around to jump in and save the day if needed, during this transition my prayer time has been my lifeguard. When I feel like I am about the drown, I have to tell myself to stop, and pray.

I haven’t always been good about this, I have slacked off plenty of times, but during this period of transition I am working daily making this a consistent habit. Transition doesn’t just take place in one aspect of your life, transition will affect your entire life in ways you didn’t even know where possible. I didn’t really know what to expect when I moved to Hot Springs, I didn’t fully grasp how much transition was taking place. I had to move and hope things would work out for me, but that was wrong. What I should of done and am working towards is trusting things are going to work out. Trusting that I will have the ability to not only be the Athletic Trainer that coaches, kids, and parents need but to transition into the Sports Med and Anatomy and Physiology teacher that educates beyond the classroom. I have to transition from hoping we find a house to trusting we find a house, I have to transition from the my will to His will.

During this transition there have been multiple deep end leg cramps, and its no coincidence that when I move back into my old habits the leg cramp to end it all takes place, and we are right back to struggling to stay a float. One thing that I have found that really helps me focus is journaling. At first I was writing down just my prayer request, and asking God to tick the boxes, I had to transition this too. Now I write things that I am thankful for first. There have been days when I haven’t felt like I have much going my way and that changes when I realize what all has been provided for me. I then transition to my concerns, I have been focusing on “talking” with God telling him my stresses, worries and frustrations without asking for anything. I stay away from the “why me” phrases and scenarios and instead just voice my concerns. “I am feeling overly frustrated with……, I concerned about the house selling…., and so. It has really helped me to just say these things out loud. Then I transition again in my prayer, where I do ask for certain tings. I am intentionally staying away from asking for material items, it is part of His will over my will instead I ask for guidance to find a house, wisdom to make a financially sound decisions, compassion and understanding towards the buyers of our current home, and that the seller of our future home would have the same toward us. I have asked for peace about situations and prayed for my new co-workers and our relationships as we have to work together to be the best we can be for the Lakeside kids.

This transition has really changed me and made me grow spiritually, I needed this, it has hurt and there have been moments of frustrated, angry and happy tears (sometimes all at once and all together) but growth and development cannot happen with out change and change cannot happen without transition. I share this with you tonight not just for me benefit but to encourage anyone else going through a rough patch of transition. It’s for a reason, keep going and try to avoid leg cramps.

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